• Roulette (map)
  • New York, NY

Toby Driver / Madonnawhore with String Noise

Tuesday, March 21, 2017 @ 8:00 pm

Toby Driver – Electric Guitar, Piano, Keyboards, Voice
Keith Abrams – Percussion

String Noise:
Conrad Harris – Violin
Pauline Kim Harris – Violin

Two sets of dark, austere avant-folk inspired by the likes of David Ackles, Sam Prekop, Nick Cave, Grouper, and Current 93. The first set will feature the duo of Toby Driver and Keith Abrams performing material from the album Madonnawhore. The second set will feature the World Premiere of several new pieces featuring Driver and Abrams joined by String Noise (Conrad Harris and Pauline Kim Harris).

Madonnawhore, as the duo of Toby Driver and Keith Abrams, best known by their work together in their avant-goth, experimental rock band, Kayo Dot, plays dark, austere avant-folk music inspired by dehydration death under a moonlit desert sky. Featuring a delicate and naked style of playing from both musicians, not heard in Kayo Dot, Madonnawhore showcases Driver as a true guitarist for the first time in his career. The pair have toured Europe extensively, from the shores of Portugal and Ireland to as far east as The Republic of Georgia, Israel, Russia, and Istanbul. Their music can be heard on their album by the same name, which will be released by The Flenser in spring 2017.

String Noise is a classical, avant-punk violin duo comprised of violinists Conrad Harris and Pauline Kim. Since its inception in 2011 at Ostrava New Music Days, the duo have expanded the two violin repertoire to include larger collaborations with electronics, projections and dance. Their first feature album The Book of Strange Positions was released on Northern Spy Records in November 2015, followed by a new 7” EP, Covers, produced by Deerhoof drummer and composer Greg Saunier. String Noise was highlighted in Performa 2011 with artist Will Cotton and was the featured ensemble for the launch of composers collective Index 0. As curators, Conrad and Pauline presented Drawing Sound: Part II, a three night mini-festival featuring artists Alvin Lucier, Greg Saunier and Jad Fair, at The Drawing Center.