An ensemble based in Ostrava, but otherwise an international group – already for some time does it ruffle the waters of Czech musical life – it is thanks to the conductor Petr Kotík, a composer and organizer with a New York background, that Ostrava became one of the world centres of contemporary music.
Dita Hradecká, Lidové noviny, June 1, 2013 

As a present for its tenth birthday, we give Ostravská banda two solo concerts (besides those it appears in five more!). At the first one, we will hear the violin concerto Allegory of Nightby the Italian contemporary music star Salvatore Sciarrino (let us remember his three operas presented in the past in both the buildings of the National Moravian-Silesian Theatre). Hana Kotková, the Czech-Swiss violinist and devoted Ostrava Days soul for many years, engages in the world of his “acoustic theatre of night sounds”. That evening we will also hear Ostravská banda interpret such compositions as 2014’s Daily Patterns by the young scientist Petr Cígler, inspired by the course and bustle of the daily city routine and its biological experience.  We will be immersed into the exciting musical loops of the Austrian Bernhard Lang and a new composition by the Japanese Ushio Torikai performed by baritone Thomas Buckner.